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Art Bikers Program (Halifax, NS)

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4C Foundation [2]
Halifax Nova Scotia 

The ART BIKERS PROGRAM [3] is a mobile community arts program embracing the talents and gifts of community members and community artists to come together to make Art.

This summer outreach program of the 4Cs Foundation builds community by creating a space to make art with children, families and residents in neighbourhoods throughout Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our team of community artists ride bicycles pulling colourful trailers full of art materials to neighbourhoods throughout Halifax. Upon arriving, they set-up and facilitate collaborative art activities that open up a world of creativity, fun and community connection.

Founded in 2007, the Art Bikers have worked with over 4500 individuals in a wide range of social communities across ages, abilities, languages, race, and ethnicities.

Open to all community members and delivered in participant’s neighbourhoods, Art Bikers fosters creativity between and connections with one another.

The Art Bikers program has three goals:

The Art Bikers program has become a well known part of the cultural fabric of Halifax. The program continues to demonstrate that making art together is a significant connector that builds and strengthens communities.

More information:

4Cs Foundation
5763 May Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K1r6

Tele/Cell: (902)422-4805
Email: info@4csfoundation.com [4]
Website: www.4csfoundation.com [5]