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Citizens of tomorrow

25 January 2016 No Comment

Citizens of Tomorrow: Investigating the Impact of Community Media Arts Learning on Marginalized Urban Youth in Canadian Contexts.


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An exhibition presenting the results from research led by the University of British Columbia in collaboration with Concordia University and in partnership with art and media education community organizations of Canada.

Exposition of media works from the Canadian community sites and live performances by the youth of Kekpart.

This research proposes to investigate marginalized urban youths’ media arts practice in community digital-mediated arts programs in Vancouver and Montréal, exploring how it impacts their engagement around identity, culture, health and wellbeing.

This research is timely because youth on the margins are important resources of society, and like other diverse populations in Canada, today they face technological competencies that emphasize the capacity for innovation, leadership, collaboration, multimodal communication, and collective problem resolution in a digital environment. Equipping marginalized youths with digital skills needed in their future professions and society is a pressing issue for policy makers, researchers, and educators. This research will help us understand the potential and challenge of media arts practices in presenting an avenue for marginalized urban youth to develop the skills and competencies needed, and will help develop pedagogical approaches to digital media and technologies for young people from diverse segments of Canadian society.

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