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24 January 2014 No Comment



Based in the Maison de la culture Notre- Dame -de -Grâce , Correspondances is a cultural creation project that takes as its starting point the work of Montreal filmmaker Tom Paul, of Cambodian origin. Paul invites old and new residents of Notre- Dame -de -Grâce to create digital connections with their personal and subjective vision of the neighborhood. These creations will address an unknown neighbor with whom they share may have shared space and similar experiences while being separated by the time.

Ten participants will be separated into two groups: the “old residents” who live in the district for several years and “new residents” who arrived recently. They communicate through digital creations (photoramas , videos, etc. . ) . Both groups still meet separately “old” and “new” therefore will be at the very end of the project.
The project will run from October 2013 to January 2014 .

Participants will first be introduced to the work of the artist and asked to reflect on their neighborhood and the people who live there. They then learn to use various digital tools for designing two digital connections. These creations will be collected in an exhibition that will be presented at the Maison de la culture Notre -Dame- de-Grâce in winter 2014.

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