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En Masse For The Masses

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En Masse For The Masses works to strengthen communities by involving its members in the creation of collaborative, large-scale, black-and-white murals.

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Participants are given the opportunity to work collaboratively on large-scale black and white productions, guided by artists who take on a mentorship role. Our hands-on approach allows artists to empower, inspire, and pass-on knowledge to all those involved. In turn, participants develop a sense of ownership, pride, and ambition for their own personal practice.

By opening a door to the artistic community, EMFTM creates an avenue for participants to speak directly to emerging and professional artists, brings contemporary art to schools and into the community.

Since En Masse For The Masses’ inception in late 2011, this project has brought together thousands of artists, students, and communities. Through public events and our work in schools, both private and public, we’ve created countless new connections between individuals of all ages and the local arts community. The project has given people the opportunity to express themselves using paint, markers, or chalk and ignites a sense of play and openness in all those involved.

En Massse For The Masses fosters communication, mentorship and the sharing of techniques and ideas. It de-mystifies the world of “the artist” and allows everyone involved the opportunity to share, learn, and teach. It creates a healthy dialog that often allows individuals to feel part of a community.


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