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9 July 2012 No Comment

Exeko is a Montreal-based non-profit organization whose mission is to foster, through education and culture, the empowerment and social inclusion of underprivileged populations.

The organization was born from in 2006 to promote innovation in education and culture. It conceives education according to open education’s principles and culture according to cultural mediation’s principles.

Youth present The Ratiweras and the Giant Snake, Mohawk legends shared by Wariose Gabriel and Kate Oke, two elders from the community.

On the program for the performance night:

jam juggling, traditional dance with the public and awards for children, not to mention the central theater play staged by the young and inspired stories and legends passed on by Mohawk Wariose Gabriel and Kate Oke, two seniors community present for the show.

Tandem Créatif exhibiton at articule

Tandem Créatif brings people together in an innovative way. It is a place where creative exchanges can take place between emerging and professional artists. So far, nothing seems new, except that the emerging artists participating to Tandem Créatif create with their difference: an intellectual disability.

Each session, which brings together two artists to co-create and exchange on their practice, is guided by a mediator who ensures a flowing dialogue. Tandem Créatif is organized in collaboration with,articule, an artist-run center that puts forward professional artists to join in the project, co-selects the pairs, hosts the final exhibition, and fosters the dialog between the emerging artists, the audience and the artistic community.

As the initiator of Tandem Créatif, Exeko sees to the program coordination and outreach,ensures the dissemination of the artwork and provides mediation for each paired session.

Together, we are working towards a common goal introduce the public and the cultural community to the talent of the participating artists

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