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18 November 2014 No Comment


Project Summary

Initiated by Alternative Hochelaga’Table is a project to mobilize young adults 18 to 25 years raise awareness about issues related to nutrition and access to food in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district. Turbine was asked to design a series of creative workshops for young people to engage in the creative process that would allow them both to be aware of their habits and take action to increase access to quality food.

It was during the summer and fall of 2014 that 60 neighborhood youth participate in creative workshops where they produce photographs, sound recordings, co-design new visionary places related to food and a digital map that reflect their relationship to food and the city. Using creativity and commitment of these young people, the proposed approach allows them to be aware of the importance of food choices on their well-being and their role being a participant in the food system.

This allows them to contribute to the development of healthy and equitable urban food environments. Indeed, this initiative is complementary to the work done by the Committee in consultation with the food table Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (LTQHM), which aims to create an access point in the food area.

Explore the food world of these young people through the website Hochelaga’table ( by visiting the resources they use or they offer, what they eat, they cook recipes. Also listen to what they have to say about food and about their neighborhood.

Teaching campanions/guides:
Yves Amyot and Marie-Pierre Labrie

Centre Turbine:

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