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This is a list of some interesting community art organizations and projects across Canada.
If you would like to add an organization to this list, please email Inspire Art at:


Artscape is a not-for-profit, urban development organization that revitalizes buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities through the arts. Artscape projects provide affordable space for creativity while generating positive cultural, economic, social, and environmental impact.

Art Starts
Art Starts is an arts-based community development organization operating in the City of Toronto. Our mandate is to build healthier communities using the arts. At Art Starts we understand that the arts are a medium for engaging residents, creating a shared sense of identity, identifying challenges and collectively working to overcome them.

Our goal is to empower individuals and communities through creativity by exposure to and engagement in the arts. We promote the health of Canadians through the arts by carrying out customized creative, interactive art programs, workshops and projects for the benefit of individuals living with chronic illness or those with special needs, including those who are in hospitals, palliative care, long-term care facilities, and community support centres. We offer respite and support to families, staff and caregivers.

Community Arts Ontario
Community Arts Ontario serves as the province’s only multidisciplinary, cross-sectional arts network. We provide an effective voice for all individuals, groups and institutions that share our common vision for the arts. Together, we aim to achieve a standard of arts excellence within all regions of Ontario and beyond. As such, we offer unique programs and services to suit a broad range of arts and cultural professionals, community leaders and municipalities.

De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group
De-ba-jeh-mu-jig (“Storytellers” in Cree & Ojibway) Theatre Group is a professional community based non-profit organization dedicated to the vitalization of the Anishnaabeg Culture, Language and Heritage, through education and the sharing of original creative expression with Native and Non-Native people.

Jumblies Theatre
Jumblies promotes art that is woven into life’s details, is accessible to all, fosters exploration and excellence, and supports artists of all backgrounds and traditions; and in community that is open-ended and based on people doing something together. Jumblies dismantles boundaries and unites disparate elements. We say, “Everyone is welcome”, and grapple with the artistic and social implications of meaning it.
We undertake multi-year residencies, moving through phases of research and development, creation, production, and legacy. We discover and transform stories and images; collaborate across disciplines and traditions; bring together people of assorted ages, cultures, abilities and economic levels; employ and mentor established, emerging and newcomer artists; produce new works of art; and create lasting relationships with people and places.

Manifesto Festival : Community Projects
Manifesto is more than just a festival. Everything we do is geared towards fulfilling our mandates and the desires identified through community engagement and feedback, using a multi-disciplinary approach including arts and music workshops, professional development programs, art exhibitions, filmmaking, concerts… whatever’s clever

Sketch creates art making opportunities for young people who live street-involved and homeless or who are considered to be at risk.

Urban Arts Toronto
URBANARTS initiates arts activities that bring people together in central-west Toronto and city wide. One of four community arts councils across Toronto, URBANARTS is an incubator for local arts, with a range of programs led by professional artists in visual art, theatre, dance and music.


Crossing Communities Art Project
The Crossing Communities Art Project is dedicated to art productions that increase the capacity of women and youth to express themselves through the arts. Crossing Communities is a community-site art project that provides art mentorship to criminalized women and youth through studios and workshops, with the goal of employing visual expression to reduce self-harm, heal from trauma and reduce violence.


 4Cs Foundation
The 4Cs Foundation is the leader in community arts in Nova Scotia. Although a grant-giving foundation, 4Cs Foundation has taken a leadership and development role is 2006, providing programming, training and education, as well as on-going network opportunities. In 2007 the 4Cs Foundation launched its Art Bikers program (see below) -a mobile community arts program that brings free, art-making activities to communities and neighbourhoods across the Halifax Regional Municipality every spring & summer. In 2010 4Cs Foundation hosted the Arts Engage! Symposium and Training –  a week long event with intensive training and weekend workshops on a range of community arts approaches and skill building opportunities. We brought City Repair from Portland Oregon to this event, which has resulted in numerous Placemaking and Intersection painting projects in the city. We have offered training in community arts facilitation since 2006 and have trained more than 70 people as community arts facilitators. Also we offer on-going networking through our Community Arts Circle gatherings which take place every three months.

Art Bikers is a unique mobile community arts program embracing the talents and gifts of community members and community artists to come together to make Art. Our team of community artists ride bicycles pulling colourful trailers full of art materials to neighbourhoods throughout Halifax. Upon arriving, they set-up and facilitate collaborative art activities that open up a world of creativity, fun and community connection. Founded in 2007, the Art Bikers have worked with over 4000 individuals in a wide range of social communities across ages, abilities, languages, race, and ethnicities. Open to all community members and delivered in participant’s neighbourhoods, Art Bikers fosters creativity between and connections with one another.


The Common Weal Community Arts
Common Weal Community Arts is a provincial arts organization that links professional artists with communities to promote cultural identity and social justice through collaboration and creative expression. Common Weal links artists and communities to animate long-term positive and social change.
We strive to inspire ideas for social change through art. By linking professional artists with communities to engage in collaborative art projects, we empower people – and their communities – to tell their stories in their own voices.


Community Arts Council of Vancouver
Creating community with art

Documenting Engagement
Currently many Canadian artists are working with communities in exciting and fully engaged ways that situate the artist’s practice in both the processes and the products which are created. These are very difficult practices to explain and document, therefore there is a lack of materials that convey the nature of the work.
Video has a particular potential for documenting community based arts practises as time is an integral element of both forms. The Documenting Engagement Institute supports all artists working in community-based practices by helping both specific sectors, (such as grant-makers and educational institutions), and the broader public to become aware of and understand what this work is about and why it is so important .

Redwire Magazine
Redwire  is a media and arts organization dedicated to Native youth expression.
Redwire’s mandate is to provide Native youth with an uncensored forum for discussion, in order to help youth find their own voice. Redwire is by, for and about Native youth; all content, editorial decisions and associated media projects are initiated and led by youth, inspiring creativity, motivation and action.

Through Our Eyes

” Through Our Eyes” is a photo documentary program taught and coordinated by a professional photographer, Christine Germano. The objective of this project is to create a legend of a community told through the hearts and eyes of their youth.

The intent is to utilize the media in a positive way. The exhibit gives the community an opportunity to celebrate the student’s creative achievements so they may continue to seek similar artistic opportunities through out their lives.