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This list is a relatively small selection of community-engaged art programs outside of Canada.
For a more extensive list please refer to the Community Arts Network archive (a portal to the field of community arts, providing news, documentation, theoretical writing, communications, research and educational information).


Vibewire Youth Inc.
Founded in 2000, Vibewire Youth Inc. is a dynamic non-profit organisation that supports young people to effectively shape their world through media, arts and entrepreneurial opportunities.


Periplus (community arts en route)

Transoceanic route through community arts (both music and interdisciplinary projects) across five continents. It aims to disseminate knowledge and enhance the visibility of education, social and artistic initiatives by critically analyzing the synergies which arise from connections in these three fields.

United States:

A Center for the Study of Art and Community
We assert that the future health of our communities will demand an expanded role by artists and cultural institutions at every level. Schools, factories, jails, symphony halls, neighborhood associations, senior centers, unemployment offices, and every other place imaginable offer opportunities for new cultural partnerships.

Alternate Roots
Alternate ROOTS provides the connective tissue for a distinct segment of the arts and culture field – artists who have a commitment to making work in, with, by, for and about their communities, and those whose cultural work strives for social justice.

Barefoot Artists
Barefoot Artists brings the transformative power of art to the most impoverished communities in the world through participatory and multifaceted projects that foster community empowerment, improve the physical environment, promote economic development, and preserve and promote indigenous art and culture. Barefoot Artists develops projects in collaboration with individuals and/or agencies on the ground in identified communities.

Community Works
CW engages youth and adults in arts, education and restorative justice programs that interrupt and heal the far-reaching impact of incarceration and violence by empowering individuals, families and communities.

Conference for Community Arts Education
The Conference for Community Arts Education is the preeminent gathering of community arts education leaders in the United States.

Creative Aging
Le centre national pour le vieillissement créateur (NCCA) a été fondé en 2001 et est consacré à stimuler un arrangement du rapport essentiel entre l’expression créatrice et le vieillissement sain et aux programmes se développants qui construisent sur cet arrangement. – Les arts peuvent servir de manière puissante d’engager des aînés dans un processus créateur et curatif de libre expression, leur permettant de créer les travaux qui honorent leur expérience de la vie.

Mural Arts Program
As a public art program serving the City of Philadelphia, the Mural Arts Program works in partnership with communities, grassroots organizations, city agencies, schools, and philanthropies to achieve the following goals:

Develop sustainable partnerships with community organizations in order to create murals that reflect the community’s culture, history, and vision – Catalyze community development, neighborhood activism, and civic pride – Foster youth development through experiential art education and mentorship with professional artists – Support artists and artisans in sharing their talents and experiences with youth and communities in Philadelphia, and – Use the power of art and the mural design process as tools for community engagement, blight remediation, beautification, demonstration of civic pride, and prevention and rehabilitation of crime.

New Lens
New Lens is a youth driven social justice organization working to assist youth in making art and media about often-underrepresented perspectives. The work is used to facilitate dialogue, shift perspectives and stimulate action.

NVision is committed to the development of Native youth leadership and traditional and contemporary expressions of art, culture, education, and media from a Native core and perspective. To this end, NVision will promote the development of a new generation of Native leaders, artists, educators, and activists within a context of respect and understanding for traditional Native lifeways, sovereignty, community, and importance of holistic wellbeing. NVision will strive to empower Native youth and young adults on a local and national level to become leaders and culture bearers of tomorrow that will help to preserve and strengthen our Native cultures and Nations for generations to come.

The Social Arts
The Social Arts is a community-focused project devoted to promoting a healthy, happy and peaceful world through the combination of artistry and activism.
We focus on creative and artistic public awareness work, combined with grassroots organizing. We strive to bring light to important social issues and galvanize the public by providing meaningful, educational and action-oriented projects and events.

Social and Public Art Resource Center
The Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) is an arts center that produces, preserves and conducts educational programs about community based public art works. SPARC espouses public art as an organizing tool for addressing contemporary issues, fostering cross-cultural understanding and promoting civic dialogue.

viBe Theatre Experience
viBe Theater Experience is a performing-arts education organization that provides a safe, creative space for under-served young women to share their stories and use their voices to build and transform themselves and their community.

YA/YA (Young Aspirations/Young Artists), Inc. is a non-profit arts and social service organization whose mission is to provide educational experiences and opportunities that empower artistically talented inner-city youth to be professionally self-sufficient through creative self-expression.

United Kingdom:

Centre for Creative Communities

Community Arts Forum

SANe: Social Arts Network
SANe exists to facilitate communication between people who are interested in the development of socially inclusive arts practice, services and productions.

PhotoVoice’s mission is to bring about positive social change for marginalised communities through providing them with photographic training with which they can advocate, express themselves and generate income.

Across Europe:

Animus Project
Animus (An International Network for Training in Culture Animation) was realised in the framework of European Commission Programme Leonardo da Vinci – Transnational Networks.
The project began in 2001 and formally lasted till the end of 2004.. The general goal of the project is to establish sustainable and spreading network of training institutions in culture animation.

Community Art Lab
The Community Art Lab places the power of art and culture smack in the middle of society. It does not have the illusion to provide instant relief to social tensions but it is convinced that art and culture add an indispensable dimension to daily life that anyone should be entitled to.