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Here is a list of some community art programs and projects in Montreal as well as the surrounding region. If you would like to contribute to this list, please email Inspire Art:

Agora’rt is an association founded in Montreal by Sébastien Astoux (Seb Astwo), Candice Archer et Béatrice Astoux. Agora’rt offers artistic activities in schools and community centers to help combat high school drop-out rates and encourage staying in school.

Atelier Nayan
The Atelier Nayan specializes in the coordination of collective mosaics made with recovered ceramics, hand-crafted ceramics, and found objects.
They seek a viable art that is inclusive and accessible to all. They’re developing an innovative artistic practice, a participatory and interdisciplinary “visual art & craft”. They work within public art, community and environment, combining lyrical expression, critical engagement and transformative action.

Café Graffiti
The mission of Café Graffiti is to provide a living environment for young people. They can join together to discuss, find a sympathetic ear for their needs. In addition, the Café Graffiti ensure recognition of professional young artists while helping them to combat their exclusion.

Centre d’Apprentissage Parallèle
Le Centre d’Apprentissage Parallèle’s mission is to assist people with emotional and psychological difficulties to facilitate their growth process towards social and / or professional integration. To do this, it gives them the opportunity to achieve through creative activities. Indeed, the activities that appeal to the imagination are born from a sense of confidence.

Centre Turbine
Turbine is a center for creation, training, research and dissemination of current practices in art and pedagogy. These guidelines are deployed through the development of projects within and between school communities, arts and community. The center offers areas of collaboration between artists and educators through workshops, educational creations, seminars, artist residencies and publications.

DIASOL’s mission is to use photography as a tool for intervention in the lives of children and teenagers from disadvantaged areas – and, through educational and artistic workshops, help them become aware of social, cultural and community life. The organization fosters cultural exchanges between young people from Quebec and Latin America so as to stimulate thought about the social differences linked with the rules and structures belonging to the culture of each country.

Digital Literacy Project (DLP)
An initiative of the Atwater Library and Computer Centre, which encourages youth and community groups to discover new and creative ways to use digital technologies in order to discuss issues important to them, develop skills, and build community

Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec
La Société Elizabeth Fry du Québec and  Engrenage Noir LEVIER is in the process of coordinating a pilot project – Agir par l’imAGinaIRe –  to be carried out in a spirit of collaboration between non-incarcerated artists and women caught up in the criminal justice system who may or may not also have artistic experience. – The entire project will be documented using video and still photography as part of our efforts to deconstruct the prejudices commonly held in our society about criminalized women and poverty.

Engrenage Noir – Levier
Since 2002, LEVIER has supported Community Art and Creative Humanist Activism projects in response to proposals from individuals and groups dealing with a wide array of concerns. LEVIER’s desire to nurture the conditions within which individuals could bring significant change to their own lives will continue to guide this new initiative. Added to this is the will to implicate a greater socio-cultural, economic, and political intentionality related to just and sustainable resource sharing and peaceful coexistence.

Engrenage Noir – Rouage
Engrenage Noir / ROUAGE aims to associate itself with community organizations and their members that work to confront the systemic causes underlying situations of social, economic and political exclusion. Engrenage Noir hopes to explore with them how community activist art projects can support their socially and politically engaged activity, and at the same time, include activist artists in these collaborations.

En Masse For The Masses
EN MASSE For The Masses (EMFTM) is the pedagogical branch of the EN MASSE collaborative drawing project. Led by a team of art educators and professionals, our goal is to foster collaboration and artistic expression in youth by bringing them in direct contact with highly talented emerging artists. Students are given the opportunity to work collaboratively on large-scale productions guided by artists who have taken on a mentorship role. A hands-on approach allows these artists to empower, inspire, and pass-on knowledge to students who, in turn, develop a sense of ownership, pride, and ambition for their own personal practice.

Exeko is a montreal-based organization that works locally and internationally to support, develop and present social and cultural action projects. Their activities intersect several causes: education, arts and culture, humanitarianism and health.

Girls Action Network
At Girls Action we believe that every girl should have what she needs to participate fully in society. Our activities create opportunities for girls and young women to build their strength, discover their power and gain the confidence they need to bring their gifts to the world. Building a movement of active, engaged young women and organizations across Canada, we envision a new generation committed to creating a just and peaceful world.

Groupe d’intervention vidéo (GIV)
Founded in 1975, Groupe Intervention Video (GIV) is a center for artists, non-profit that distributes, broadcasts and produced videos and independent media projects made by women – members of IVM are involved with several community-engaged projects : see article on the history of the organization …

Homeless Nation
Homeless Nation’s outreach workers across Canada work in a variety of ways in collaboration with the homeless community. We work in shelters, day-centres, squats, at protests, community events, on the street and online. We are dedicated to ensuring that digital tools for media, learning and communication are made available for homeless Canadians.

Ici par les arts
Ici Par les Arts est un organisme à but non lucratif qui se spécialise dans le développement par le biais des arts. L’organisme est né officiellement en 1998. Au départ, l’action se concentrait principalement en faisant de l’art dans les écoles. L’organisme était beaucoup moins développé qu’il ne l’est aujourd’hui, occupant un espace restreint; petit à petit l’organisme a établi sa crédibilité, a fait boule de neige pour être aujourd’hui un organisme culturel incontournable. Il y a maintenant trois volets principaux : art social, art éducation et médiation culturelle.

Je suis Vaudreuil-Dorion
A unique project of “cultural mediation” in Vaudreuil-Dorion (Quebec, Canada) with a mission to lead opportunities for citizens to meet, speak, interact and share, using the pretext of art and culture … 100 events a year where citizens discover, thanks to artists and cultural workers.

Jeunes Musiciens du Monde
Although the work really started in October 2001 in Dharwad, India, Young Musicians of the World was founded in June 2002 in Quebec city, Canada. Young Musicians of the World is a non-profit organization, without any religious or political affiliation, that provides schooling and training in traditional music to children and teenagers for free.

Founded in 1971, L’ATELIER believes that, by learning art production skills and focusing on creative work, people can develop pride and self empowerment. In a warm and reassuring environment, L’ATELIER has welcomed thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds.L’ATELIER has carved for itself a place among the alternative resources in mental health services provided by institutional settings and by the community groups.

L’Infusart believes deeply in the instrinsically  therapeutic benefits of art on the individual who has the opportunity to given free rein to express their creativity. In this aim we want to allow the greatest number of people possible to have access to artistic practice.

La Ruche d’Art
A free community art studio and science shop- open to everyone! Its mission is to make art more accessible, strengthen links between community members and celebrate diversity, through dialogue, art making and gardening.Activities: free studio space and art materials, collective garden, art exhibits … Come join us, make art, and get involved with the art hive movement!

Le Mileu
A space for dialogue, popular learning and empowerment, aiming to create and strenghten bonds between citizens of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. An open and inclusive creative art studio and exhibition space that supports, without judgement, YOUR OWN creative process and encourages spontaneous skillshares, D.I.Y., and cultural participation of all.

Le projet RAD
Le projet RAD ‘s organizational mission is to give people with various disabilities the opportunity to attend inclusive urban dance classes in a warm, safe environment that is adapted to their needs. Accompanied by specialist teachers, they can share the pleasure of dancing with a group and flourish on stage.
We believe in equal chances. We believe that everyone, regardless of ability, can achieve their desires and goals. Everyone should have the chance to share their passion with peers in their own way.

Leave Out ViolencE (L.O.V.E)
Our mission is to reduce violence in the lives of youth (from 13 to 18 years old) and in our communities by building a team of youth who communicate a message of non-violence. As to achieve it, we propose a series of unique skill building, media-based, educational programs which motivate and equip youth to find a path of non-violence and then lead others toward it. One the most popular result is the regular exhibitions that we organize to show the creations of the youth…

Mikinak Youth Coop
@ Inter-tribal Youth Centre – a project at Native Friendship Centre Montreal : The objective for the sculpture project is to engage Aboriginal youths in Montreal in an artistic manner, to cultivate their talents, creativity, and traditional knowledge, as well as develop skills beyond their art such as commitment, respect, and responsibility. These works will be showcased in art expositions hosted by the (NFCM). Young artists’ works will be displayed alongside other artworks of elders and community members.

Oxy-jeunes est un organisme à but non lucratif destiné aux jeunes de 12 à 17 ans. Sa mission consiste à soutenir l’expression des préoccupations des jeunes et contribuer à l’accomplissement de leurs rêves en développant des activités et des projets artistiques et culturels.Oxy-jeunes est un organisme à but non lucratif destiné aux jeunes de 12 à 17 ans. Sa mission consiste à soutenir l’expression des préoccupations des jeunes et contribuer à l’accomplissement de leurs rêves en développant des activités et des projets artistiques et culturels.

Productions Oracles
Inspirés par le désir puissant de faire des films avec les jeunes, nous avons fondé l’organisme sans but lucratif, Productions Oracle, en décembre 2005 avec pour mission de rendre la vidéo accessible à de plus en plus d’adolescents de tous les milieux culturels, en anglais et en français. Déterminés à faire tomber les barrières et à créer de nouvelles raisons d’être, nous avons espéré créer une organisation qui aiderait la jeunesse à trouver sa voix, pour trouver sa place dans la société, pour développer de nouvelles qualifications et par la suite développer ses propres carrières.

SKOL / CEDA collaboration
This project came about from an urge to demystify contemporary art for an uninitiated public and to set up conditions that would facilitate the involvement of emerging artists wishing to work in a community environment. –  Ce projet a émergé du désir de démystifier l’art actuel auprès d’un public non-initié, de mettre en place les conditions qui facilitent l’engagement des artistes de la rélève désirant travailler en milieu communautaire.

Ste-Emilie SkillShare
The Ste-Emilie SkillShare is a group of artists and activists, primarily people of colour and queer people, committed to promoting artistic expression and self-representation in our communities. The Skillshare collective runs an art studio for people to learn new skills, share their skills, and create art in the spirit of revolution and anti-oppression (anti-racism/ sexism/ classism/ homophobia/ transphobia/ ableism/ sizeism/ etc). The space is open to all.

Télé Sans Frontieres
Télé Sans Frontières creates a space for the voices of young marginilzed youth while it also offers the, professional experience. The combination of life experiences, exploring curiosities and developing various technical skills mark their approach and treatment of subjects, mostly of a social orientation. Another project related to Télé Sans Frontières to check out: Radio – RDV 15.35

Trans-Art 2000
Through the performing arts, Trans-Art developsintervention projects for the education and prevention of various issues: racial discrimination, cultural exclusion, crime, problems of integration,intercultural education, delinquency,drug addiction, prostitution, school dropout, violence in dating relationships, etc.

Wapikoni Mobile
The Wapikoni Mobile gives Aboriginal youth the opportunity to express themselves using video and music.  As well as nurturing new talent, it encourages discussion among young people, and gives them a chance to get to know each other, increase their knowledge of the world, and have an influence within and beyond their community.