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Recommendations for co-creative projects

28 January 2012 No Comment

This project came about from an urge to demystify contemporary art for an uninitiated public and to set up conditions that would facilitate the involvement of emerging artists wishing to work in a community environment. Invited to meet with artists in the centre’s programming, Danielle Arcand, a CEDAfacilitator, and a group of participants following the adult literacy program visited Skol on several occasions.


Our observations, shared experiences and the following recommendations that may help to orient subsequent collaborative projects:

• Be sensitive to the culture and mandate specific to each partner;

• Establish appropriate time and means for conception , preparation and evaluation of hands-on


• Identify from the outset the collaboratorsʼ personal and collective motivations and expectations;

• Define each collaboratorʼs role;

• With members of the community, define the decision-making process to be used in the artistic


• Become familiar with the challenges that individual members of the community group face;

• Ensure that the individual members of the community group play an active role;

• Agree on groupʼs operating guidelines during creative workshops;

• Communicate to non-artist collaborators that risk-taking is a necessary part of the creative process;

• Adapt the concept and creative process to community membersʼ values, experiences, abilities, and

working rhythms;

• Ensure an equal balance between the artistʼs expertise and the community membersʼ interests and experiences;

• Ensure pedagogical support to artists;

• Guarantee the necessary time to integrate the artist into the community;

• The artist should be ready to make concessions regarding his or her personal aesthetic, as the workʼs

aesthetic will emerge from the general values of the community;

• Consolidate the relationship between the community group and Skol;

• Establish an agreement with regards to ownership of the work, copyrights, moral rights

andacknowledgements, conservation and responsibility, access, and loans of the work.

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