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Community Art Education: Creating a model of innovative teaching and research in Canada:
The Community Art Education (CAE) program at Concordia is unparalleled in longevity, embeddedness in key community and social service agencies, links to art teacher education, and orientation to outstanding arts practice as well as teaching. The Creating a model of innovative teaching and research in Canada project recognizes both the historic contributions of the CAE program to art education, and how it continues to evolve in ways that define community art education practices.

Dare-Dare (Montréal):
Documentation Center
DARE-DARE supports research and valorises emerging practices. Its members are interested in the context of creation and answer the need of exchange and collaboration. DARE-DARE is a flexible, open space devoted to research, experimentation, risk and critical inquiry.The artist-run center manifests a sustained interest in exploration and in the diversity in the modes of presentation.

Artexte (Montréal):
Documentation Center
Artexte engages in research, interpretation, and dissemination initiatives in order to broaden the influence and appreciation of contemporary visual arts. These activities are informed by our significant collection of art documentation and authoritative resources, as well as a network of multidisciplinary partners. Our partnerships and alliances are built with others who also seek to bring attention to the value of documentation produced by the study and practice of contemporary visual arts. Artexte affirms its interest in the experimental, innovative and critical components of this field. Our activities touch on all aspects of contemporary visual arts from 1965 to today, with special emphasis placed on Québec and Canada.

City of Montreal research group for cultural mediation:
Culture pour tous / ARUC-ÉS et SAC (UQAM) / Ville de Montréal
Since January 2008, the Direction du développement culturel of the Ville de Montréal has participated in a cultural mediation research group comprising representatives of the cultural sector and university researchers. The group’s objectives focus on questions and approaches developed in recent years by the Ville de Montréal to support the city’s cultural action approaches …

Social and community arts study by the British Art Council:
These pages give a thumbnail sketch of how arts for social and community purposes have flourished in the UK – especially how they have fed into urban regeneration programmes and “social engineering” projects which aim to make UK society a more equal place where all sections of society have access to the arts, and wider social advantages.

Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities (British Colombia):
The Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities (CECC) project was administered under the auspices of the Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities, in the School of Communication, Simon Fraser University. The centre is based at Simon Fraser University’s Vancouver campus, and has been supported by Infrastructure Canada, the Department of Canadian Heritage, the City of Ottawa, and a range of other cultural stakeholders.
The Centre’s activities involved three interlinked components: knowledge generation, outreach and networking, and awareness/knowledge exchange. It conducted research and brought together academia, policy, and practice in four areas:

  1. The state of cultural infrastructure in Canadian cities and communities
  2. Culture as the fourth pillar of community sustainability
  3. Culture in communities: Cultural systems and local planning
  4. The impacts of cultural infrastructure and activity in cities and communities