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Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal: in prison

Prisons [1]

Since 2012, the RIDM has been screening films for inmates in correctional institutions. The project [2]was inaugurated at the Tanguay detention centre, starting with annual screenings followed by a discussion with the director. The initiative has since been expanded into a comprehensive documentary awareness program in three facilities: Tanguay, Bordeaux and Joliette.

Women Inmates’ Award

Every year, the Joliette institution provides a jury of five prisoners. The women screen eight films from the festival’s program and award a prize to one of them, presented at the November festival’s closing ceremony.

Screenings and writing workshops

In 2013, the Bordeaux and Tanguay institutions hosted RIDM screenings twice a month from March through June. The first visit includes a film screening and a discussion with the director. For the second visit, the RIDM team is accompanied by a specialist who leads a two-hour writing workshop with a small group of prisoners. The workshops help inmates learn about the steps involved in making a film and help them develop their critical faculties. The writing produced in the workshops can be read on the RIDM’s blog [3].

In July, as a result of their success, screenings and writing workshops resumed at Bordeaux institution.

These activities are supported by the Quebec chapter of the Elizabeth Fry Society and the Ville de Montréal’s culture and community program.

The films screened in 2013

Tanguay: Ma vie réelle, with assistant director Franck Le Coroller (March); Alléluia, with director Jean-Simon Chartier (April); L’imposture, with director Ève Lamont (May); and À Saint-Henri le 26 août with director Shannon Walsh (June).

Bordeaux: Les Fros, with director Stéphanie Lanthier (March); Ma vie réelle, with assistant director Franck Le Coroller (April and July); L’or des autres with director Simon Plouffe (May); and Alléluia, with director Jean-Simon Chartier (June), La nouvelle Rupert, with director Nicolas Renaud (July), and Les États-unis d’Afrique, with director Yanick Létourneau (July).

Information: http://www.ridm.qc.ca/en/beyondthefest/in-prison